Selected Feature Writing

The Pirate Restaurateur of Hong Kong for GQ

"Ashley Sutton dreams when he’s awake because he’s always awake. As a boy, he used to build underground cubbies and treehouses for his friends in exchange for cigarettes, and now, at 42, the Australian designer uses the same sleepless energy to open bars and restaurants across Bangkok, Tokyo, and Hong Kong—forty in total. They are full of hidden rooms, tucked away crawl spaces with plush chairs and rich, shimmering textures. He’s opened six this year alone, most recently Iron Fairies, his third in Hong Kong, based on a children’s book he wrote in his twenties about a group of grumpy miners living deep underground who cast magical fairies out of iron. They have to overcome their fear of the darkness to set these fairies free into the world outside."

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Selected Travel Writing

Inside Montréal's Unbeatable Diner Culture for SAVEUR

"You never have to travel far if, in a drunken haze, you find yourself jonesing for souvlaki piled high with garlic sauce, Jewish deli-style smoked meat, poutine, steamé hot dogs topped with mustard and coleslaw, a slice of pizza, or any combination of greasy breakfast stuffs. And at a time when greasy spoons across North America are facing harder and harder odds to stay open, Montreal has emerged as one of the last great diner cities."

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